The Democrat candidates for School Board have no options left but to band together and use hate, fear and name calling to try and win their election. Fortunately the Republicans have continued to run a civil campaign.

It is the Democrats who call sitting school board members racist in a public meeting and accuse them of “putting the lives of black and brown people in danger.”

The Democrats accuse ‘whites’ of using “violence against Black bodies to keep those spaces white.”

The Democrat candidates post “As black bodies drop like flies around us from physical, medical, economic and material deprivation and violence at White hands, how can we in any of our minds or metrics conclude that the Whites are alright?”

The Democrats claim that the ‘whites’ are for in-person learning while stating that “most of the informed people who want the schools closed are Black.”

They are the ones who refer to School Resource Officers as “Killer Cops” and say that “The time has come for a revolution.”

They insist that they need “reparations made to descendants of chattel slavery.”

They use hashtags like #TrustBlackWomen and #VoteForBlackWomen to let us know that the only cure is to elect people of color to the board.

The Democrats post that “Standardized Testing is a Tool of White Supremacy.”

During the last days of this campaign, lets not follow the lead of these Democrat candidates. Instead, let’s continue to just talk about the experience and accomplishments of the Republicans in the race.