The “Dream Team” have been heavily influenced by radicals who want to push an agenda. They see almost everything as a race issue – if they don’t like someone’s view, they will label that person a racist. Here is a quote from Tarece Johnson at the October 15, 2020 school board meeting:

The code is bad, and Mary Kay Murphy and Carole Boyce who are current members of this school board are engaging in the southern tea party that is often linked to white supremacy.  They are undercover spurring hate that is putting the lives of black and brown people in danger.  They are participating in meetings that encourage fear and myths.  They are complicit to the propaganda that perpetuates the style of ignorance and maintains systemic racism which trickles down into the policies of our school district.”

Most of us don’t look at children and teachers through that lens. We see individuals for who they are and what they can accomplish, not as a member of a particular class or group. Their hatred spills out in their social media posts, where they talk about “their all-White spaces” where white children “gleefully soak in their White-washed history” so they can “use violence against Black bodies to keep those spaces white.”

Tarece Johnson is also a proponent of one of the most dangerous and destructive philosophies – Critical Race Theory.  As she states in her book on education:

“Implicit in effective multicultural learning, especially with consideration of racial diversity and equity in education, is critical race theory“.

Tarece Johnson, “The Global Purpose Approach: A Multicultural Resource”

Just a little research into this mindset will show you how divisive it is.

It even comes out when they talk about parental choices, pointing out that the people who want the schools open are White but the informed people who want the schools closed are Black.

These candidates believe that everyone else should change to fit their model of the world. Here are quotes from some of their Facebook posts:

“Fragility/privilege, implicit biases, & micro aggression training should be required for leadership, staff, administrators, teachers, and students.”

“Ethnic studies class for students should also be required.”

“This Juneteenth, on what should be our nation’s true Independence Day, it’s time to liberate ourselves from a dangerous, racist model of law enforcement.”

“The time has come when all injustices must be reconciled, and reparations made to descendants of chattel slavery.”

This rhetoric is not healthy anywhere, but especially not in our schools where it fosters hatred and division.

These candidates are convinced that systemic racism is so embedded in the Gwinnett County School System that every student, teacher and administrator should be forced to undergo training in “Fragility/privilage, implicit biases and micro-agression.” A tennant they adopted from the Black Lives Matter movement – every White person is a racist. If you think you aren’t, you are just deceiving yourself.

With hashtags like #TrustBlackWomen and #VoteForBlackWomen they let us know that the only cure is to elect people of color to the board.

Another nugget from Johnson’s Facebook page:

“As black bodies drop like flies around us from physical, medical, economic and material deprivation and violence at White hands, how can we in any of our minds or metrics conclude that the Whites are alright?”

Gwinnett County schools are some of the best in the state, if not the country. The schools consistently receive high ratings, with all types of students from very diverse backgrounds benefitting from a truly quality education. But the Dream Team is convinced that all of that needs to change so they can introduce their form of indoctrination.