All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

The polls are looking favorable, but we can’t take anything for granted. The stakes are too high!

In just a few brief years, we have:

  • Expended a debt that is almost impossible to repay
  • Reduced the spending power of every American through unchecked inflation and irresponsible monetary policy
  • Restricted our freedom of movement, access, and assembly
  • Tried to prosecute parents who want to be involved in their children’s school
  • Funded questionable wars, spending billions of dollars
  • Released criminals and failed to prosecute crime
  • Imprisoned and targeted their political opponents without trial
  • Turned America into an energy dependent country
  • Given state-of-the-art military equipment to the Taliban
  • Opened the Southern US border, ignoring the Constitution
  • Fed the culture of racism, government dependency, and hatred

Imagine how much worse it will get if we don’t stop them now!

We have to elect leaders at all levels of government who will at least stop the decline. Then elect a President in 2024 who can begin the restoration.

Vote Republican every chance you get!