Retired Navy Captain Baron Reinhold recently announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Gwinnett County Sheriff during a meeting of the Gwinnett County Republican Assembly. Captain Reinhold will call upon his 35 years of service in the Navy, most of which involved command positions over much larger organizations than the sheriff’s department, as preparation for leading the county’s law enforcement agency and working with the community.

He emphasized the importance of building trust and proving himself every day to those he works with and pointed out the similarities between the sheriff’s responsibilities and those of a commanding officer deployed in a war zone. Not only was his life in danger, but every day, Captain Reinhold explained, he was responsible for sending troops in his command, most of whom had families, into active combat – a responsibility he never took lightly.

“Over the last three years, in seeing what’s going on in our country, our state and here in Gwinnett, I decided, ‘Well, I can’t sit idly by,’ “ Reinhold told members of the Republican Assembly. “I had been obviously fighting for our country, spent a lot of time overseas, a lot of time in combat.

“I know how bad things can get … So, I don’t believe D.C. is going to save us by any stretch of the imagination. What I believe is everything needs to be done locally, and the most important job, in my opinion, in Gwinnett County is the office of sheriff.”

Reinhold also addressed issues in the county, such as human and drug trafficking and gangs, and stated that his goal would be to make Gwinnett the least popular place in America for criminals. Reinhold recognizes the importance of programs that protect the citizens of Gwinnett County and plans to advocate for them.