Science is showing that getting children back to school is best for everyone. Here are some recent articles:

Are the Risks of Reopening Schools Exaggerated? – NPR, 10/21/20

Schoolchildren Seem Unlikely to Fuel Coronavirus Surges, Scientists Say – – New York Times, 10/22/20

Parents are at a breaking point as they try to cope with getting kids back to school – CNBC, 8/6/20

Remote school is putting kids under toxic stress – The Washington Post, 8/10/20

Remote Learning is a Bad Joke – The Atlantic, 8/18/20

Schools Aren’t Super-Spreaders- Fears from the summer appear to have been overblown. – The Atlantic, 10/6/20

In Gwinnett, Facebook Groups like Supporting GCPS in-person Learning and Supporting Gwinnett County In-Person Learning have attracted thousands of followers. Gwinnett parents want the choice of whether to allow their kids back in school or not.

The Democratic candidates for the school board want to take that choice away from you, and they have made their opinion clear in speeches before the School Board and to their own supporters where they “sound the alarm” and vow to hold school board members accountable for turning our “world-class schools into world-class disasters.” This is in spite of the numerous studies to the contrary. They insist that until infection rates fall below 5% the school system should be digital only, and claim it is based on CDC guidelines. Actually, recent CDC guidelines say nothing of the sort. But if they insist on waiting until infection rates are below 5%, then they will shut down all in person learning the moment they are installed.

If that happens, what will you do as a parent? What will your child do as a student trying to learn under those circumstances?